Below are some of our most common patient questions as well as information that explains how some of our procedures work. If you have questions that are not listed here, please call (205) 971-8000 and we can try to assist you.

When do my stitches or staples come out after total joint replacement surgery?
You will follow-up with your physician two weeks after surgery.  At that time, staples or stitches will be removed.

When can I shower (get incision wet) after total knee replacement surgery?
You will need to keep your incision site dry until your two week post-op visit.  Once staples or stitches are removed you may get your incision site wet.

How long will I be in the hospital after total joint replacement surgery?
The average length of stay for a total knee replacement is one to three nights. The average length of stay for a total hip replacement is three nights.

What is the prosthesis made of?
Your total joint prosthesis is made of titanium, non-metal.  We use Stryker components.  We can provide you with a joint replacement card for airports, etc. if needed.

How long will I be in the hospital for an arthoscopy?
This is done as outpatient surgery.  You will go home the same day.

Information of Visco injections:
The approval process for visco supplementation injections takes between six and eight weeks.  We will submit the approval request to your insurance company. Most insurance companies will mail the approval to our office and your home.  At that point, we submit the approval and prescription to the contracted pharmacy that is used by your insurance for injectable drugs.  The pharmacy will then run your benefits and process the prescription, this is the longest part of the process, taking up to 6 weeks for the pharmacy to process the request.
Once the request is processed, the pharmacy will contact the patient for confirmation of shipping the injectable drug to our office.  After contacting the patient and obtaining permission to ship, the pharmacy will contact our office with the shipment date.  Once the medication is received at our office, we will contact the patient to schedule the injections.

*Be sure and answer any phone calls and/or check voicemails to ensure the pharmacy reaches you for shipment permission.